Frequently asked questions

What makes B & P the best for your business?

  • First of all, we deliver fresh flowers three times a week!
  • We offer fresh and quality flowers because we bring them directly from the producers.
  • At B & P you will find the widest range of assortments in Romania.
  • Flowers are our passion and life and we know what this business means.
  • At B & P we make things simple, at low cost and offer the best quality at the best prices.
  • Everything is legal. Without problems with ANAF or other institutions, B & P respects the law and we still offer very good prices.
  • No competition for your business B & P does not sell to individuals, we do not own flower shops or event companies. B & P is on the flower trade market so you have a prosperous and fair business.

How can I order at B & P?

  • Please fill out the form in this link, we will also need a copy of your ID and your company’s fiscal ID. Normally, within a week, all steps can be taken to You can use our web-shops or place an order via e-mail.

We deliver in your area? 

  • We cover the S-E of Romania, Bucharest and nearby areas, Pitesti, Craiova, Rm. Valcea and Constanta.
  • Outside these areas, we can only provide large orders (for weddings, for example), but please contact us to see what can be done about it.

Does B & P Sell Flower Arrangements or Bouquets?

  • No, we are importers – wholesalers – distributors of cut flowers, potted plants and decorative material, our clients are florists and event agencies.

Does B & P sell ​​flowers to yarn / pot plants per piece?

  • No, we are wholesalers and we only sell at bundles, boxes and packs.

Does B&P sell flowers by piece?

  • No, we are wholesalers and we only sell flowers at bundles.

Does B & P Plant Plants Plants at Bouquets?

  • Yes, we sell it to the piece. In the case of plants at small, cheap pots, they are sold at full trays.  

Does B & P sell to individuals?

  • No, we sell only to legal entities or PFAs.

Can I buy cash without VAT or no invoice?

  • No, B & P works 100% legally and every customer receives an invoice or a house receipt that includes VAT.

Can I get the flower order directly at my office (workshop, florist)?

  • Yes, B & P can deliver your order at your premises. Inside Bucharest it is free for orders of 1000 RON or more. We also deliver smaller orders, but for them we charge a small delivery fee of just 50 RON.
  • Deliveries outside of Bucharest can be made, but for this, things must be pre-established before placing the order. Contact us before placing your order.

What happens when I do not find an assortment on the B & P web-shop?

  • You write us a mail at with your customer ID and the name of the product you are looking for, and we come back with an answer to you.

Does B & P have a presentation catalog?

  • No, but we have web-shops for the customer, where you can find the assortments and the related prices.
  • Weekly, B & P sends the price offer for what we have available at “free to sell.”

How can I get the price list?

  • We send our price list by email to our clients in our database. To be able to receive it, you must sign up with us by providing your company details and a copy of your ID card.

When do I have to place an order and when does it arrive?

  • In the wedding season, we deliver 3 times a week to the Bucharest warehouse.
  • For Wednesday arrival: place your mail orders until Sunday, 12.00 hours or on web-shops on weekends and Monday morning until 11.00 am.
  • For arrival on Thursday: flowers usually arrive after 12:00. Orders can be placed until 12:00 noon by e-mail or Monday and Tuesday until 12:00 on the web-shop. Be careful to select Tuesday as your departure day from the Netherlands.
  • For Sunday arrival: You can place your orders by email until Thursday, 12:00 or use the web-shops on Thursdays and Fridays until 12:00.

Can I cancel an order made on the web-shop?

  • Web-shops are in real time, and this means that it is difficult to cancel an order. Once the order is placed, it is already processed and can not be canceled.
  • Send us a message on Whatsapp or call us if something has to be canceled, but tell us in the shortest possible time, do not postpone. We will do our best to resolve this situation.

How to use the web-shop?

  • We send our new clients a guide on how to use the web-shop, please read it carefully. Or ask us directly at our warehouse.

Ways to place orders. 

Flower orders securely and are easy to place.
On the web-shop – there you can place your orders or just check the assortments and prices.

Email us at:, along with your customer ID and your order to make things as easy as possible to process.

BP110 – For delivery on Thursday, June 20th

  • 20 Frezii Honeymoon Pink
  • 20 Bujori Sarah Bernadt 60 cm
  • 10 Lisianthus double light pink
  • 1 Cymbidium alb EX 80 cm
  • 5 Hortensia Alb 50 cm. big flowers.
    max price 20 RON
  • 40 Avalanche roses  – 40 cm
  • 20 Avalanche roses  – 60 cm
  • 10 Vuvuzela roses 40 cm
  • 25 Columbia Mondial roses  60 cm
    25 Columbia Freedom  roses 60 cm
  • 1 Salal 
  • 1 Aspidistra 60 cm
  • 1 Ruscus IT small leafs 70 cm

Always respond to every order and let you know if everything is OK or if something is expensive or if it is not available in the season.