B&P delivers a wide range of fresh indoor and outdoor plants

We bring plants to the pots on order, and those items that are best sold can be found at a very good price. At B&P warehouses we sell pot plants and pieces.

Phalaenopsis or special orchids, Begonia, Saintpaulia, roses, Echeverria and up to Bonsai tall, you can find them or order them through us.

Offices or public spaces

Do you have a project for offices or public spaces? We can provide plants for them and advise you on this. Regardless of normal plants or hydroculture, we can help you.

We do not keep a large pot stock, but you can find a wide range of assortments on our web-shops. In this way, we make things simple, efficient and we can offer you very good prices.

We offer:

  • Wide range of assortments
  • Delivery twice / week, Thursday and Sunday in Bucharest
  • Tropical plants are sold by piece
  • Direct purchase system through our internet service
  • No external payments.

All prices include VAT and packaging, Delivery service for orders over 1500 RON (Bucharest area only).
For more details, please contact our representatives at the deposit.

Consultancy in purchasing the best flower assortments based on over 15 years experience in the field. Delivery of flowers ordered in advance.

B&P Floral ConnectionWe have transformed our passion for flowers into our profession.